Deacon Luis Rivera was born May 5, 1949 in Cayey, Puerto Rico.

He attended Colegio Nuestra Señora de La Merced, graduating in 1967. In 1971, he graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Anthropology, and achieved a Master of Arts degree in 1977. He worked for the Department of Social Services for the Commonwealth, before moving to Connecticut to work in a psychiatric setting.

He studied with Albert Ellis, completing a Primary and Intermediate Associate Certificate in Rational-Emotive Psychotherapy. He then collaborated on a chapter in Puerto Rico in the publication "Cross-Cultural Mental Health" from Wiley's Series in General and Clinical Psychotherapy. He worked on a study of the incidence of depression in persons of "Golden Age."

He was a participant in a Cursillo retreat in 1984.

After relocating to New York in 1989, Deacon Riviera worked for 21 years with the Puerto Rican Family Institute as Director of the Child Abuse and Neglect Preventive Program. From 1989 to 1996, he collaborated as Pastoral Associate in a parish in the South Bronx, then was received as a member of the Congregation of St. Saviour in 2008.

Luis Antonio became a professed Brother of the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans in 2009 after a three year novitiate. He is known in the Order as Br. Luis Antonio "Barnabas", and served as Chaplain for the professed from 2010 to 2013.

He obtained the Education for Ministry (EfM) Certificate from the School of Theology of Sewanee: The University of the South in 2011 and serves as a co-facilitator for the program.

He was ordained to Holy Orders as Vocational Deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of New York on May 16, 2015, and requested by his Bishop to continue as Deacon at the Church of the Intercession with Mother Rhonda Robinson.