What is Gobble Gobble Give?

A large group of volunteers, armed with a prepared Thanksgiving dish and donations, gather at The Church of Intercession on Thanksgiving morning.

At the church, volunteers create a large "conveyer belt" and build thousands of individual meals. While some volunteers are packing individual meals, others are sorting the donated canned foods, toiletries, clothing, toys & blankets. As meals and donations are packed up and ready for delivery, volunteers are deployed to locations throughout the city. These pre-determined locations are individual families; shelters, retirement communities, group homes & areas where homeless people congregate.

Do I need to register to volunteer?

Yes, every volunteer must register for a team/time slot.  Each team's shift is 45 minutes.  We limit the time each volunteer can work so that everyone gets a chance to help.  If you want to deliver, please let us know what area(s) of the city you are willing to visit. If you want to drop off donations at the church, just let us know when to expect you.

Please register here: